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Due to cost saving effects and major risk reduction, the area of economic activities is one of the most often outsourced areas.

Double-entry accounting services

Double-entry accounting services

  • accounting services provided in line with the Accounting Law
  • recording and preparation of VAT returns
  • asset recording
  • monthly statements, balance sheet, profit and loss account, ledger
  • processing of profit and loss account and cash flow
  • annual accounting closure – preparation of annual statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes)
  • calculation of income tax and preparation of income tax return
  • motor vehicle tax, journey log book
  • client notification about tax deadlines, tax payments and advance taxes
  • continual information about economic results
  • communication with public and state administration institutions
  • communication and reporting in English language
  • accounting consulting
  • reconstruction of accounting
  • other additional services concerning accounting
Payroll agenda

Payroll agenda

  • complete administration of payroll agenda: payroll ledgers, pay slips, payrolls, monthly recapitulations
  • administration of monthly reports, registration reports, registration and deregistration to social and health insurance company
  • preparation of monthly reviews and annual report for tax office, submission of insurance reports and reviews
  • preparation of employment agreements, salary statements
  • preparation of payment orders for salaries, levies and taxes
  • preparation of various certificates and documents for employees, e.g. for official purposes – court, loan, credit
  • record-keeping of vacation, family members – for the purposes of granting a tax credit
  • termination of employment relationship, notice, employment record, income acknowledgement
  • annual income from paid employment tax clearance, annual health insurance clearance
  • communication with institutions, representation during negotiations with insurance companies
Economic agenda

Economic agenda

  • preparation of financial analysis
  • preparation of proposals for solution of various economic situations
  • preparation of business plans and assistance during negotiations with banks
  • client’s company development projection
  • reconstruction of accounting for previous periods, or back administration of accounting
  • outputs per client’s requirements
Management and consulting services

Management and consulting services

  • preparation of internal policy for document flow
  • preparation of management systems for selected activities
  • consulting services related to creation of company strategy
  • consulting services for beginner’s businesses
  • consulting services in the area of double-entry accounting systems
  • consulting services in the area of taxes
Registration seat for companies

Registration seat for companies

  • each company registered in the business registry must include a seat (address) of the company. If you only need a seat, but not an office and you do not want to pay expensive rents for the offices, which you do not even need for your business, use this opportunity for a convenient and comfortable solution
  • you are not physically going to use this seat, but this address is registered in the business registry and trade registry
  • the address of your company is properly identified in case of tax, trade or customs office controls and if need be, meeting rooms are available for you
  • the price for this service is €39,00/month and includes: provision of a seat for your company, identification of the seat of your company by its business name at the given address on a mailbox, reception and archiving of letters and if authorized, we open the letters, scan it and send it to you by e-mail
  • the seat is identified at the following address: Soľnobanská 7, 080 05 Prešov
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