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Why to outsource preparation of your double-entry accounting system

Internal processing of all economic activities is a rather costly solution. These costs include wages, expenses related to working space, hardware and software equipment, trainings and professional literature, etc. When using the services of an external accountant, the company outsources accounting agenda as well as the major part of responsibility. This also means that the company does not have to keep up with the ever changing norms and such company only keeps a minor part of the responsibilities. Moreover, our company is insured for the damage liability.

Main advantages of outsourcing

  • accounting is a highly specialized activity, which bears relatively many risks.
  • accounting is probably the only area, for which the state has established a separate control body in the form of tax institutions and any mistake is relatively severely punished.
  • risks arising from this activity can often directly influence the future of the company.
  • the fundamental difference between the responsibility of an internal accountant and an external company lies in the possible damage liability. An employee is liable for the damage in the maximum amount equal to three monthly salaries, an external company covers significantly higher risks.
  • a person with university degree and several years of practical experience or a graduate of three-week requalification course can hide under the profession of an accountant. Each of us is a professional in a different area and we are able to assess the quality of a candidate in our professional area. We are professional accountants and, therefore, we can assess the quality of a candidate for the position of an accountant. As a result of our professional qualifications, we only hire 1 of 50 candidates.
  • external handling of accounting will cost you several times less than an internal employee would cost you (expenses on wages of the accountant, courses and trainings, professional literature, hardware and economic software).
  • you do not need to follow the ever changing regulations and changes in the legislation.

Each month/quarter our clients will obtain exact information

  • about receivables and payables of the company.
  • about economic results of the company.
  • about receivables and payables of the company.
  • a list of comments used to notify the client about possible discrepancies, which we notice during processing of documents, risks arising from such discrepancies, including solutions for their remedy.
  • accounting books are kept in electronic form and are available to you on CD at any time.

Main advantages of double-entry accounting system

  • double-entry accounting system provides more precise and complex information about the economic status of the company in comparison with the single-entry accounting system.
  • double-entry bookkeeping system does not put off any issues to be solved later (e.g. later taxation of assets after termination of a trade licence).
  • in double-entry accounting system, there are operations regulating economic results, which do not have any equivalent in single-entry accounting system.
  • chances for mistakes and errors are significantly reduced in double-entry accounting system.
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